Watershed Moments

connecting source to sea on the Columbia River


2000 km. 112 days. 14 dams. 1 kayak.

Part personal challenge, part photographic exploration, part experimental art project, this solo journey from source to sea on the Columbia River is the most recent undertaking of artist Claire Dibble.

She will begin paddling at Columbia Lake near Canal Flats BC at the beginning of July and finish beyond Astoria, OR in late October. The skin-on-frame kayak she is currently building for the journey is from watershed-sourced wood.

The intention is to build a portrait of the river and the people who live along it, creating a sense of connection upstream and downstream in the process.

Satellite image of Pacific Northwest exported from Google Earth. Pink line follows the Columbia River

a solo journey, a collaborative project


Rough Timeline

Claire will be travelling with a collaborative journal and is seeking artists, poets, writers, and anyone else with an interest in the Columbia to contribute to the book. If you or someone you know lives, works, or recreates on the Columbia, please get in touch to learn more about adding your mark to this river logbook.


British Columbia

From the headwaters, through the mountains.

Starting at Columbia Lake near Canal Flats, BC on July 1.
Community events in Golden, Revelstoke, and Castlegar.
Arriving at the US border by August 11.


Washington State

Paddling long reservoirs and portaging many dams.

Crossing into Washington at Boundary-Waneta on August 11.
Community events in Grand Coulee, Bridgeport, and Wenatchee.
Reaching the confluence of the Snake by September 16.


Oregon Border

Into the headwinds, toward the sea.

From the Snake River confluence on September 17.
Community events in Hood River, Portland, and Astoria.
Arriving at Clatsop Spit by October 25.





I’m grateful for the various types of support, inspiration, and encouragement that I’ve received from friends, family, and strangers in the preparatory stages of this project. In particular, I’m grateful to the fine folks at Cape Falcon Kayaks, Ambler Mountain Works, Kate’s Real Food, Astral Designs, Werner Paddles, Rancho Vignola, Falcon Sails, Rivers For Change, and Columbia Kootenay Cultural Alliance.

Though I’ve shifted focus to final prep for the trip, I’m still open to working with additional funders. Please let me know if you’d like to peruse my sponsorship pitch deck. General donations can be made via paypal.me/dibble