Why? A Reasonable Question

Why? This is the first question people ask after learning that I’m paddling the length of the Columbia River. There isn’t one simple answer. This post is meant to help folks (me included) understand why. I will continue to add to this over time. Don’t read too much into the order of things. I haven’t. 

I made a list for myself when I was first drafting this project plan, back in February 2018. In my notebook it is titled “Why am I doing this?” Here are some of the items from that list:

  • I miss spending all day and all night outside.

  • I want to push myself (mentally, physically, as an artist, as someone with freedom)

  • to learn. to have a reason to spend a whole year researching a topic, reading and investigating

  • to connect with people along the way, people who are like me and unlike me. to hear stories.

  • to explore my personal connection to rivers, and the pull of the sea.

— posts are coming, promise —

claire dibble